Cosmetic Dentistry

Now, with the IPS Empress all-ceramic, metal-free restorative material, you CAN have the healthy, beautiful and natural-looking smile you've always wanted!

With IPS Empress, Your Smile is Possible

Do you ever wonder about the difference a nicer-looking, healthier smile could make in your life? Have you thought about what it would take to have a smile makeover, or what a smile makeover could actually do? IPS Empress and your dentist are the answer.

With IPS Empress, your dentist can help make your dreams come true--whether it's changing the size, color, shape and overall look of your teeth and your smile, or comfortably and confidently replacing missing teeth; whether it's eliminating dark fillings or black shadows at the gumline, or repairing or correcting chipped, cracked, crooked or worn-down teeth.

IPS Empress is a metal-free restorative material that has been used in dentistry for more than 15 years. And, its long-term beauty and clinical success are backed by hundreds of scientific studies.

What's the best proof? The hundreds of thousands of satisfied patients worldwide who now smile with confidence--IPS Empress Style.

To find out more about which IPS Empress procedure is right for you, see your dentist.

Repair and Correct Teeth that are Chipped, Worn or Cracked

Perhaps it wasn't a big deal at first. Then, it seemed larger than life. You notice a small chip on one tooth, perhaps a crack on another, and now your teeth appear more worn than ever. You're embarrassed to smile, and you wonder what other people think. IPS Empress can change that.

Depending on the results of a thorough evaluation by your dentist, your smile can be improved with IPS Empress.


Replace Old Metal-Based Fillings

When you laugh or open your mouth in amazement, are you stunned by your old, dull and unattractive metal-based fillings? Chances are, they may make you feel uncomfortable. Today, however, your dentist can use IPS Empress to replace that dental work with restorations that blend right into your natural teeth. Called inlays or onlays, these small pieces of all-ceramic material are created in a laboratory to fit perfectly in place where cavities or previous dental work used to be.

Or, if your teeth are extensively damaged from cavities or have larger fillings, crowns can be used. But, whether inlays/onlays or crowns are used, you'll be able to open wide and say "Wow" when you see how beautiful and natural your teeth look and feel.

Close the Spaces Between Teeth

Did you know the gaps between your teeth--called diastemas--can leave a big gap in your life if you're not smiling? With IPS Empress veneers or crowns, your dentist can change that, creating a perfectly aligned smile that's beautiful, symmetrical and completely yours.

Brighten Up Severely Stained Teeth

Coffee, tea, wine, and even necessary medications can leave their mark on natural teeth over time, making them stained and discolored. While tooth whitening can help in some cases, in others, IPS Empress restorations from your dentist are the answer. Based on your own personal characteristics and preferences, your dentist will select a tooth color shade that's best for you to brighten up your smile and eliminate those unsightly discolorations. With IPS Empress, you'll be flashing those pearly whites in no time!

IPS Empress Veneers

Veneers are custom-made, thin ceramic shells that are placed on the front of teeth using very strong cement. They can be used by your dentist to correct and treat a variety of dental conditions, including discolored teeth (severe stains; tetracycline), crooked teeth, chips, cracks, and wear. Because they are made specifically for each individual patient, veneers look and feel natural, giving the patients who receive them a whiter, straighter, more balanced and pleasing looking smile.

IPS Empress Crowns

Crowns, sometimes called caps, are porcelain coverings cemented into place over the entire tooth. They are used by dentists when a tooth has had large fillings, extensive cavities or damage, or is too weak. IPS Empress Crowns can be placed on your front or back teeth and, because they are metal-free, you won't see a black or other tell-tale dark line around your gumline.

IPS Empress Inlays/Onlays

Inlays/onlays are custom-made pieces of ceramic that fit perfectly into place where cavities or old fillings used to be. Cemented into place inlays/onlays are designed to blend "invisibly" with the teeth, so they provide a natural look.